Dressing with Colour Confidence

What Colour Suits Me?

Have you ever caught a look in a mirror and thought "OMG, I look washed out" and at other times you feel what you wear drains your energy?

Want to know how to handle this?


Or have you thought "why did I buy this colour?" Well I am here to tell you that you are not the only one.

We all go through these thoughts and some of them rightly so. We don’t consciously look for and buy something that we think is going to make us look washed out or not flatter ourselves. We are only human and we make mistakes! Maybe it is because we don’t know what actually suits us.

Colour can help to make us look glowing and vibrant. It can also affect our moods by helping us feel energised, relaxed, excited, confident, angry, annoyed, withdrawn and happy amongst many other feelings. Looking and paying attention to the colours we wear can help and influence our personalities, moods and how we look to be the Best Vision of ourselves.

Let’s have a look at what we can do about that.

In my last article (if you haven’t seen it then you can go back and look at it ‘Stop Right Now’ July issue) I talked about body shapes and fitness and how to be the best vision of yourself by looking at your well-being and then flattering your body shape by the style of clothes that you wear.

We can also do this with the colours we wear and how we wear those colours.

Most of the time when we look at colours that suit us we look at our skin tones and our skin tone will generally determine which colours will enhance our look and make us look vibrant where as others will completely wash the colour out of our skin and can make us look drawn.

There is no doubt that if you get the correct colour of make-up and clothing to suit you then this can have a great effect on your energy and either make you feel more energised.

Are you a Warm tone or a Cool tone?

Warm colours are those with a yellow undertone. Think of walking in the park on a beautiful sunny autumnal day - rich shades of gold, orange-brown, yellowish-green (khaki), burnt red, camel and beige. Celebrities with a warm skin tone include Dannii Minogue, Anne Robinson, Jessica Biel, Sarah Ferguson and Chris Evans.

Cool colours are those that have a blue undertone. Imagine a crisp and stark winter's day with pure white snow, enhanced by crimson sky, icy shades of grey, blue, pink, fuchsia, purple, burgundy, slate-grey, black and white. Celebrities with a cool skin tone include Naomi Campbell, Anne Hathaway, Liz Hurley and Simon Cowell.

Easiest way to test this out.......

1: Take a white shirt or sheet, and a cream one.

2: Sit in good natural light

3: Sit in front of a mirror (with no make-up, your hair tied back away from your face, and no jewellery on your neck)

4: Place the white or cream sheet under your chin.

5: Look at the clarity of your eyes and see if they lighten up?

6: Repeat this with the other colour shirt/sheet.

- If you are a warm colour, the cream sheet should make you come alive, lighten you up and give you a glow. The white sheet should make you look drawn and pale.

- If you are a cool toned person then vice versa should happen. The white sheet should make you glow and lighten you up, where as the cream sheet will make you look drawn.

However there are other factors that we need to consider when choosing colour to wear that can help you to be the Best Vision of You.

Colours have an energy and as such have a vibration. If we can pick the colours that match our vibration then we will feel at ease and comfortable with what we are wearing and how we look which will give us confidence and the happiness knowing that we look and feel great.

Many colours also have meanings to people and have a certain resonance about them.

Red for instance can be seen by some people as being a colour of Danger or Anger, yet for some it is a symbol of Love, Vibrant passion and Energy.

Purple has been used in the past for Religion, Nobility and Wealth, but for some it can conjure up feelings of depression and sorrow.

So we need to be aware that all colours have both a -ve and a +ve resonance. So when we look at colours to wear we may get it wrong as there are many influences in our decision making. Some are conscious and some are definitely unconscious.

So start to play around with colour.... Go now and check out your wardrobe...

Are the colours all in the same spectrum, or tone?

Are they the colours that make your complexion glow, or are they colours that make you look drawn?

Have you chosen colours that are dark or muted, hoping they will cover you, make you go unnoticed and blend in so as not to draw attention to yourself?

My challenge to you today and the next coming weeks is to try and experiment with colours. You don't have to go and buy anything new. Just go into the shops with the idea of the colours that could suit you and have a play around. Have some fun with it!

On the fashion side of things, when dressing for your body shape it is generally seen that if your lower half is bigger you should tend to wear darker colours on the lower half of your body that way drawing attention to your upper half with brighter colours. Colour blocking can also deflect where the eye looks, so can highlight areas and avoid others that you wish to not be as visible.

Depending on the situation we are in we might be expected to wear a certain colour (for example in a formal setting or office meeting etc.). Fashion might also say that the colour of the season should be a particular colour that may not suit you. These colours may not particularly make us feel fresh, vibrant or even confident. So what you can do is accessorise with a hint of the colour that you know resonates with you. For example, in a formal situation you wear a colour that suits you and you highlight with the colour of the season.

So don't be scared of colour and making mistakes, for every mistake is a lesson learnt.

Ulitmately you need to go for colours that you feel comfortable in. I ask you to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone, and be bold and beautiful.

Until next time.


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