Fashion and Fitness that Works with Your BodyShape

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Do you struggle to find clothes that suit your body shape? And are you frustrated with trying to look like the perfect model?

lets talk more about it


The immortal and unforgettable words of the Spice Girls.... put that together with iconic words from Yves Saint-Laurent "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress, is the woman who is wearing it."

In our everyday lives we are bombarded with images of skinny sleek women who are amazingly dressed, have a perfect figure, skin and hair and who look like they have never seen a cream cake let alone have one pass their lips.

Add to that, the messages we constantly receive about the need to get fitter, eat this and that (normally some form of ‘fad diet’) and do exercise programmes that will drop you 2 dresses sizes...

What does this all really mean? How can we bring meaning to these images and messages that can actually challenge and motivate us to change for the better?

I want to begin by talking about what we mean by 'being fit' and then move on to 'what we wear'.

Most of the time when talking about 'being fit', it is the physical side of fitness, body image, lack of fat, toned muscles, speed, strength and or stamina that is being thought of or worked on. However this is just one small component of fitness. Total Fitness is a completely different matter. There are actually seven components that make up total fitness;

Social fitness – as simple as friendships or getting on with people,

Emotional fitness – keeping ourselves happy, respecting others and being aware of our feelings,

Nutritional fitness – a healthy, balanced diet,

Mental fitness – positive thinking of self, others and peers,

Medical fitness – free from illness and disease,

Spiritual fitness – your faith or belief system and a conscience that help guides you through life,

And obviously Physical fitness – the ability to cope with life’s physical demands.

Let’s think of these components forming a wheel with each one being a spoke in that wheel helping to keep a perfect circle so the wheel will turn evenly and give a smooth ride.

If any one of these is less developed an imbalance in the wheel is created and our journey will have some bumps along the way. None of these components stand alone, they are linked and can effect each other. Improve your physical fitness and it can help to improve medical conditions, could help you become more confident and sociable. Working on your spiritual or emotional fitness can help you to become more sociable, and willing to change your eating habits or even take up exercise.

Many personal trainers will only work on the physical and nutritional components, which will still effect emotional, social and mental. However a personal trainer that works with you to get all components to be their best is more likely to get you a smoother ride.

So now to think about ‘what we wear’.

Your body shape is a significant influence on what you can wear and what will look good on you. Retailers tend to make clothes for a ‘norm shape’, obviously not every woman is that shape, hence why you may find it hard to buy clothes that fit you perfectly or flatter your body shape.

There are ways to change your body shape through physical, nutritional and medical routes. However I do not believe that women should be influenced or motivated to change their body shape just to ‘fit in with the trend’. Everyone is an individual and should never try to be somebody or something they are not.

As a bespoke fashion designer and personal trainer I like to look at, and work with the whole person, and help them to become a better version of themselves. I can help the woman with how they dress to flatter their body shape, which will have a knock on effect with their mental, emotional, social fitness.

I look at the woman as a whole and we discuss what styles of clothes would suit their body shape. Then I design a dress that goes with the trend and also works with their body shape to flatter them.

So I believe it is all about the woman underneath the dress, looking at their fitness, well-being and how they feel. Then the dress is the icing on the cake so the woman will feel even better about herself and this will show through increased confidence and self-esteem and bring out their internal and external beauty.

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