My Story and Why I do What I do

Hi Jonathan Copp Here.

Today I am going to share with you a little bit of my story and about why I do the work that I do.

​As a child I was always into both movement and creativity. I belonged to my local gymnastics club and was always building or making things at home.

I can remember from about the age of 10 raiding my mother’s airing cupboard for sheets to design and make outfits that I had seen on the television (predominantly ‘Top of the Pops’)

I would always be in the kitchen with my mother, who was a fantastic cook. I was always helping out and learning how to cook from scratch. Sunday Roast and the making of the gravy from the meat juices was my job (no packet gravy here), and to this day, I always make my gravy from scratch.

So you see I have always had this natural link to the body and its movement, how it looks and what we put into it.

And it is not surprising that now all these years on that I am still very passionate about Fashion, Fitness and Nutrition. And how these can help people to Look Fabulous, Feel fitter and Be Confident with themselves

However, I grew up in Jersey (a small beautiful Island), and it was sort of drummed into me and the ‘norm’ to get a ‘Proper’ job.

I actually worked in a Highstreet Bank for several years where I was bored doing the same things day in day out. Although it was a very good grounding for a work ethic, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I worked as a cashier and the best part of this job was meeting the wonderful customers and talking to and helping them.

Whilst at the Bank I studied for my banking exams. But alongside this I was also taking a dressmaking course.

I knew banking was not the life for me and so I gave up the bank exams and applied to Fashion college to which I have never looked back.

So I embarked on my career into the fashion world and went to college to study Fashion Design at University.

After University I started working for several companies doing both Designing and Pattern cutting which I loved and kept my creative side buzzing. A very fast environment looking at latest trends and translating these onto the Hightstreet. I was working with suppliers who designed for TopShop, Debenhams, BHS, Evans, Miss Selfridge, and eventually Highstreet brands like French Connection

Several years down the line and a felt something was missing….

I wasn’t doing any of the movement stuff that I had so loved as a child.

I went to Circus Space to start up my gymnastics again, which was great but I had this passion that I wanted to learn to Dance.

I hate regrets and didn’t want to get to the age of 40 and say ‘I wish I had danced’

So at 29 years old (very late to start) I applied to Dance college and got accepted to both of the colleges that I applied and auditioned for.

Whilst working in the Fashion industry I went part-time to Dance College (Laban London) and studied Contemporary, Ballet and Community Dance. During the course I worked and danced with a whole variety of people from 18 month old children up to Adults who were in their 80’s. I also worked with Adults with severe learning and physical disabilities.

When I finished college I was approached by CanDoCo Dance company (abled and disabled dance company) to work with their education team going around the country doing workshops with a wide range of people and performing a piece that was choreographed for me and another dancer.

It was whilst at dance college I also got introduced to the fitness side of things and after college I also trained to be an Aerobics Instructor and started to teach classes at gyms around London and Volunteering Teaching at Central YMCA.

I could bring all my dance knowledge into my classes and found I could help people to keep fit whilst having fun.

I loved working with people and was then asked by the training organisation YMCA Fit to become one of their tutor’s to train others to do what I did and loved.

It was a privilege to teach, motivate, inspire and mentor these students to develop themselves and become amazing instructors.

I loved it so much that I actually left the fashion world and became a full time Course Director, Tutor and Assessor. I presented at national conventions around the country, training, motivating and inspiring up and coming instructors.

It would seem that I have this natural ability to help people to develop their skills and also motivate people in my class to have a great time and enjoy exercise, and this really excites me.

I guess that this is the same for the fashion side.

I love to create and develop and see ideas follow through to final designs. Which can then be worn by women and men to help them to feel great about themselves.

After 7 years of not doing the creative fashion side of things I realised I was really missing this side of my passion.

So I went back into both industries

Fitness wise I still teach classes and motivate people to be the best version of themselves and have fun.

Fashion wise I have lectured at University and taught the next generation of designers in how to Cut patterns, and freelance pattern cut for high end companies such as Roland Mouret, Emilia Wickstead, Osman, Whistles, Warehouse, Qasimi and Albam.

Which brings me to where I am now and hence what I am doing now.

I combine all my passions and knowledge in both fitness and fashion.

My passion is to help and work with Successful Busy Women to be the best Version and Vision of themselves and help them to

Look Fabulous, Feel Fitter and Be Confident

with who they are.

I work with women in whichever aspect is needed.

In fitness and nutrition, I work with them to get the best body shape and healthiest body they can have

In Fashion I work with women to understand their body shape and how to dress and enhance their shape. And I Design and Make Bespoke Dresses and Outfits to suit and flatter their shape so that they can feel confident with who they are and how they look.

I hope this helps to explain why I am so passionate about what and why I do what I do.

As when you do what you love to do, life brings on a whole new meaning.

So if you have any comments or questions on Fitness or Fashion then please feel free to contact me through the Contact Page or through  my  Facebook page and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Well that’s it for today.

Have an awesome day and looking forward to speaking soon.

Jonathan xxx